One by one, people band together to make a difference … in their own lives … in the lives of those around them.

Surrounded by wonderful, supportive colleagues in other nearby Southern California markets and across the nation, we started here in Orange County, CA, with a group of amazing, committed individuals. We are looking for other entrepreneurial, business-minded candidates to join our growing team.

Learn to build a stable portfolio for yourself while securing sustainable cash flow for future generations. We will help you discover how to save 2/3 on your taxes, get double digit returns from your retirement account, and pay off your debt including mortgages in only 5-7 years.

Join us, and see the difference the power of community, education and real estate investing will make in your life.

Not here in Orange County, CA? No worries! We are opening markets in other cities as well. We can plug you in with an existing team, and we are also looking for public speakers who want to open their own markets in new locations. Just want to do your own thing? That’s okay, too! Our educational curriculum is all online and on demand, and we have plenty of other great web-based resources for those who simply want to learn and grow with us remotely. We’ll help you find the perfect solution to your investing needs.