Want to help us grow? We are currently seeking creative and motivated individuals to assist us as we build our local community of investors here in Orange County, CA and beyond. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, a desire to learn, commitment to goals and stellar communications skills, we are looking for you!

Learn what we do and how we do it. We have a plan in place for you to start your own business, save in taxes, and help us grow the community. You will have the ability to generate commissions of $1,000-$10,000 to add some additional income to your bottom line. Why not earn extra money while discovering the ins and outs of real estate investing? You determine your success as an entrepreneur, and there is no limit to your earning. You can use your resources to fuel your investments and make real estate your main focus! Great for those who are looking for an exit strategy from a current W2 job … this is no W2. This is you, starting your own business, and working toward your real estate goals. You will be your own boss, but don’t worry – you’ll have plenty of support from the local and national community!

Get back to the person who referred you here for more details, or inquire on the Contact page if this is your first visit.

Not here in Orange County? That’s okay. You can do this anywhere! We are expanding into other markets, or we may already have a team in your area. Let us know where you are, and there may be a great chance for you to start something new there or plug in with an existing group of investors.

We are nationwide!